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Pilarush who holds Spanish and Latin American blood from New York City. I started writing actual songs since the age of 17. Those “golden years”as I call it were so meaningful to me. I was so extremely shy and cautious when opening up to people. So I wrote a lot back then. Since I was a child, I started developing speech and stuttering issues. So, I found through writing a channel to express myself. Eventually, I would create short phrases like a poem and singing to myself just for fun. I always loved singing and music.

When I got into college in 2007, I met a lot of friends from all over the world. My dear college The Borough of Manhattan Community College which is located in New York City, allowed me to explore other cultures. I was exposed to other foreign languages which intrigued me to know more about them. My first apartment mate was Turkish and as we were getting to know each other, I found the Turkish culture and music very attracted to me. Then, I met Russian speaker friends who introduced me to Russian music and I felt fascination for it. Especially, I felt a connection with Sogdiana, a singer from Uzbekistan.











Project for Instagram and eventually for short films to send to festivals:


There will be two categories of short films. The first one, short recordings on cell phones about an original topic from participants. The second category will be a given topic (synopsis) by Pilarush.


Important key points:


  1. Castings for the first category will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

  2. Short films winning announcements must be published on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am

  3. There will be two or three categories such as comedy, drama, horror.

  4. Only daylight must be used.

  5. The length should be no more than 1 minute.

  6. Second category, 1 day a month (Sunday) free style competition that lasts 5 minutes (including credits). (With professional camera preferable) by Pilarush.


First Category:

  1. The castings will open at 10h (10am) and will close at 20h (8pm)

  2. this first category must be original from the participant.

  3. The language of the dialogue should be only in English, Spanish or bilingual (English and Spanish together).

  4. Winners- They must have captions. For English dialogues, Spanish captions. For Spanish dialogues, English captions.

  5. They can be recorded from their phone but with a great quality of image.


Casting process- first category:

  1. Make a payment/ donation of 1 euro for participation through PayPal/Bizum.

  2. If your movie needs a service of captions, add one more euro to PayPal/ bizum.

  3. Upload your video to your Instagram and mention Pilarush and the new IG account @pilarushfilms and hashtag #pilarushfilms#

  4. Not cursing is allowed.

  5. Nobody will know the winners until next day morning.


Prizes for winners:

  1. All winners from that month will be published on YouTube at the end of very month.

  2. At the end of every month there will be one big winner. This big winner will be the one with the most likes.

  3. Occasionally will be cash money prizes (€50) and surprises.



Second category:

  1. Castings will be open the first Sunday of every month and will close the third Sunday at 8pm (20h)

  2. The synopsis will be given and published by Pilarush.

  3. Recorded preference in a professional camera preferably with 1920 x 1080 square pixel aspect radio material.

  4. Video resolution more than 720 HD.

  5. The dialogue can be in any language and must have English captions.

  6. Five minutes only, including the credits.

  7. No nudity, no pornography or sexuality explicit or cursing words are allowed.

  8. Music allowed from Pilarush or from any music library because I have the legal rights to use my covers or my original songs.


Casting process:


  1. Make a payment/ donation of 1 euro for participation through PayPal/Bizum.

  2. If your movie is in Spanish or English, no need for caption during the casting process. Only the winner will pay 10 euros through PayPal /bizum if the film needs a service of captions.

  3. Upload your video to your Instagram and mention Pilarush and the new IG account @pilarushfilms and hashtag #pilarushfilms5#

  4. Not cursing is allowed.

  5. The winner announcement will be last Sunday of every month.


Prizes for winners:

  1. The winner’s short film will be published on Instagram and on YouTube last Sunday of every month.

  2. At the end of every year there will be one big winner who will receive cash money prize or a surprise.



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